Fat Cat is Like a Dream

Fat Cat came out with her second music video “Like A Dream” and it’s just so cute!  This song is basically all rap as compared to her last song, but I still love it.  I can’t look at this girl and not think of how adorable she is!!!


Look at her pout!  I just want to pinch her cheeks!  Wait, she does it for me!!!!  Squee~

I love the American flag heels.  One, those are just awesome heels, but then she rocks the flag, I like.

She says the word “heart” in two syllables, “har tu.”  Don’t we all have a soft spot for Engrish?

She winks a few times.  Be swallowed up by Fat Cat’s cuteness!

The dance is cute too!!!  Sorry I wish I could be more intelligible than cute, but I was overdosed on fluff when I saw this MV.

Did Fat Cat live up to her Dream?

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