NU’EST Face around!

Okay, warning/disclaimer: I will rant and ramble and spam pictures in this post because I FRIGGIN’ LOVE THIS SONG AND THIS JAILBAIT RIDDEN BAND!!!  Onto saner things, let’s start with less spam.  MinHyun.  He’s hot.  What can I say, I like hair swooped over to the side.

Also, here’s the dance gif.  I have nothing to say, please just watch it and enjoy.

Can I rant a little?  The lyrics of this song don’t matter save for the English rap at the end.  Yes, Aron did just say, “Don’t lag Wile E. Coyote cause I’m Road Runner fast.”  One, Aron is the oldest, born in 1993, all the others are born in 1995; do they know Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote?  Regardless, thank you to the salute to the ‘90s kids!

Speaking of Aron, he was either judging that guy, HARD or checking out his ass.  Your choice, I’ll let you know my prognosis after I investigate his sexuality further.

Kinda leaning towards "dat ass"

Okay, time to hop back onto the jail bus because I am again perving on jailbait.  JR is friggin’ hot.  That is not right.  This boy was born in 1995 but he knows how to burst my ovaries in so many ways.  I think he read some of these reviews and learned what I perv on, he then took it as his personal mission to put as many of them as possible into one or two pictures.  I give you neck porn, jaw porn, sex eyes, and guyliner.  All my base are belong to JR.

You cruel bastard!

Mission accomplished - he beat my challenge - ovaries exploded

Ren has soulless eyes.  He can be added to the “Dead Fish Eyes” club, new population: 4.  The other members are the Jo Twins from Boyfriend and the original founding member is SS501’s Kim HyunJoong.

I ship BaekRen (BaekHo and Ren) so should you!

Lastly, which will take a lot and many more pictures: Ren.  There is a HUGE hype over him being girly and I found myself annoyed with this.  Ren, though he has long hair is NOT that girly.  His face really isn’t that girly.  Not to me at least and I was thinking, there are way girlier guys.  Case and point:

Ren versus.....

U-KISS Kevin

D.NA (The Boss) Karam

SHINee TaeMin

Super Junior HeeChul

That being said, I have a HUGE Ren bias.  So it doesn’t matter how girly or manly he is, he has a special place in my heart!

Ren = Love

Did you like NU’EST’s Face?

2 thoughts on “NU’EST Face around!

  1. I was one of those who thought Ren was really girly and I still do. Probably not to the same extent after you showed those picture lol (Seriously I had to do a triple look with Taemin, I was convinced he was a girl.) But back to the main point, NU’EST. I found their debut very entertaining and after the teaser I was sold on the song. The beat and the melody of song was too amazing for me to pass up. I’m glass to say these guys are pretty good looking, especially JR and Aron. I’m glad these boys are young lol because they are close to my age now. I hope they keep this kind of sound and pretty sexy image ^.^

    • Velexa says:

      I really didn’t find him girl’s at first which is why I spammed all those pictures but I still love Ren and I do think after careful consideration that he does indeed look fairly. Okay, you got me. His long hair makes him look girly but that only increases my Ren bias.

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