Top 10: Eyebrows

After a long wait, we return with the top 10, this time presenting eyebrows! Ultimately, eyebrows are not something I perv on, however, so I’m going to let Velexa go through this before posting so she can make her own comments.

10: ZE:A’s Kevin

Kevin got ten in this countdown because his are literally just fuzzy caterpillars… not our big thing.  I’m pretty sure the biggest reason he made it was because we have a Kevin bias.

9: 2PM’s TaekYeon

Another one who’s high on our bias list, I’m pretty sure TaekYeon doesn’t have a part of his body that isn’t sexy. This includes his eyebrows. (Velexa: There isn’t really a part on his body that isn’t huge either, this ALSO includes his eyebrows.)

8: Dalmatian’s Day Day

Velexa: If you can quirk your eyebrow, that kinda already does it for me.  Day Day is quite the character and his eyebrows only give him more personality.

7: (Ex-)U-KISS Alexander

Velexa: Maybe it’s the black and white picture, but his eyebrows are perfect.  I think he was chosen because I wish my eyebrows looked like this.

6: Block B Zico

Velexa: A quirked eyebrow is suggestive enough but the open mouth and tongue, why yes Zico my body is ready.

5: B2ST’s JunHyung

He looks so cute in this picture in general. I love him. (Velexa: see all previous comments about quirked eyebrows)

4: Block B’s P.O

Velexa: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, P.O. your eyebrows just now how to make a girl feel special.  Your eyebrow raised and so does my internal body temperature.

3: Infinite’s Hoya

Velexa: So dark, so think, so tempting and yes I am describing his eyebrows.

2: Super Junior’s SiWon

Original ShiBrows, can’t deny them. Even they don’t seem a part of his face.  Velexa: This gif just makes me laugh.

1: Big Bang’s T.O.P.

Velexa: When that eyebrow raised, it’s like stroking my lady wood.  Bravo, TOP, you deserve this top spot.

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