It’s SHINee, Sherlock

SHINee’s “Sherlock,” forgive me if I keyboard smash for a second here rnwe,jkfhnae<Sdkm>qadN<faNV DZ V.ASFV NXMA H          d fsjd..  Okay, all better now.  This song is AWESOME!  Getting the least important thing out of the way first, the girl in the MV is SNSD’s Jessica, if you didn’t know, now you do.

Next is my Key bias.  If you guys know me at all you should have known this was coming.  Alas, even with my raging metaphorical hard on for Key I cannot and will not accept those shorts over those tights.  Nope, sorry.  I love you Key, but I reject your reality and insert my own.

TaeMin’s hair kinda killed me this time around and not in the ovary exploding way.  It was hot in “Lucifer” but this time around it was just hanging there, limp… I didn’t like it, until he sexed it up.  I may have spoken too soon, you guys choose.

Floppy hair… such a disappointment

When he touches himself like that, it’s not so bad

TaeMin decided to be a kink whore in this MV and exploited two of my biggest perving points.  You guys may remember me talking about my love for instruments, violins in particular, well TaeMin whored that one out.  Also, bitches love fedoras and if not fedoras it’s top hats.  Friggin’ TaeMin.  Whore.  Thank you!  I love you!

Insert a Kinki Jinki joke here.  You know someone will eventually macro this into something like this…

Kinki Jinki is ready to search you for clues

All I see is the dance for Girl’s Generation “The Boys” can’t you just hear “Girl’s Generation make you feel the heat” to this dance move?

More Key bias!  Can he even see?  It doesn’t matter, he’s hot.  Plus that “freeze” did something hard to ovaries.  I love you Key.

Lips! My ovaries!!!!

My favorite part of the MV other than the dance would have to be the BlingKey/JongKey moment.  They’re singing at the same time but it honestly looks like Key is nagging his hubby and JongHyun doesn’t want to hear it.

Key: You left your dishes in the sink again, Jjong!       JongHyun: *facepalm*

The dances are awesome, though nothing I would really recommend doing in the car.  You can do Key’s “freeze” and you might be able to pretend to do his jumps in his rap at the end, but no epic walking during the chorus.  You’d damage your car.

Do this in the car

Not this

How’s SHINee do as Sherlock?

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