Band Crossword

2  Three of the members of this girl band are only half Korean
4  This band has identical twins
5  This band lost their leader and now continues as a six member band
6  This band is named after a dog and has a very sexy 30 year old
7  Thirteen member boy band
10  This band has a blond, beautiful boy with a metrosexual charm
12  This band was produced by MNET Mydol (My Idol)
14  The leader of this band choreographed Super Junior’s “Don’t Don”
16  This seven-member band is known for their in sync dancing
17  Fly to the Sky’s HwanHee produced this band
18  The name of this band symbolizes the members blood types

1  HyunA debuted in this band but left for medical reasons
3  SeoHyun is the maknae of this band
4  All six member of this band were blond at debut
8  This band has released 20+ teasers
9  Block buster
11  This band had a member who spoke 7 languages, and currently has two members from the States
13  UKISS’s Kevin and KiBum, all of The Boss (D.NA) and B2ST’s JunHyung were a part of this band
15  GDragon is the leader of this band
17  Sandara Park’s little brother is in this band

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