MYNAME says Hello & Goodbye all at once

MYNAME is back!!!!  I am so excited!!!!!  I was in love with them when they came out with “Message,” now they’re back with “Hello & Goodbye” and I get to fall in love all over again!!!  I’ll start with the plot of the MV.  Gunwoo has this mob guy as a friend and meets his girlfriend, falls in love with her and the mob guy gets all pissed and homicidal.

He does not look happy

Plot aside, shot in the boob sucks, and shot in the back is just not nice.

CHAEJIN BIAS!!!  Jinnie~~~ I love this piece of jailbait, but this one I’d just keep for a little brother and stop people like me from trying to rape him.  I love the two-tone hair on ChaeJin, it’s hot.

How can he be so hot?

SeYong is my second bias, and he pulled off brunette well.  I’m used to him as a redhead, but I like this new look, more boy next door than Kpop star.

I am not a fan of Gunwoo in general, and I hate his hair like this, limp and greasy.  What I can’t stand more would have to be the green eyebrows.  I’m sorry; I think you need to be T.O.P. to pulled off oddly colored eyebrows.

Seriously? WTF is with the green?

The unequivocal winner of colored eyebrows

JunQ pulled out a surprise attack here.  That hair, that guyliner, he even has a little glitter under his eyes.  I applaud him he looks wonderful.  Ovaries obliterated, thank you.

No dance that I really caught onto, sorry guys.  There was a dance solo though, here look at that.

Have you said Hello & Goodbye to MYNAME?

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