Infinite is back with The Chaser

Infinite is back with “The Chaser” and as with all Infinite songs this song is catchy.  The very first thing I noticed about this MV and what everyone should notice about it, is L in that poor car.  I mean, how long can cars flip?  They rewind the car flip at the beginning of the music video and then it’s flipping the entire MV.  L does not look happy.

See, that doesn’t look like a happy face to me

I find it kind of funny that SungGyu is walking away from L’s car crash with a hoodie on.  I mean did you try to hurt L?  Did you flip his car?  Are you checking out your handiwork?

Looks guilty, doesn’t he?

DongWoo, you’re trying to destroy public property there with that pipe and you missed a few.

Infinite thighs, no pun intended.  I am a dark meat kind of girl, and SungJong in those white pants looks delicious.

SeungYeol is looking great, I mean I’ve never been a huge fan of him, but he’s looking pretty good here.  He’s got that serious face and fluffy hair all down around his beautiful face.  Yummy.

I’m sexy and I know it~

I love how for the dance move at the beginning requires SungGyu to put his hand in L’s shirt.  I would love to be SungGyu’s hand.

Lastly, let’s insert my SungJong bias and my guyliner bias.  Why yes, he’s been prettier than you since 1993.

No dance that I saw, and this is Infinite, but I was too mesmerized by my SungJong and L biases.

Did you like Infinite’s The Chaser?

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