F(x) is back and out to Electric Shock you!

Electric, electric shock!!!!  OMG!  I love this song; it gets stuck in my head all the time.  F(x) is getting a lot of good songs lately, I approve 100% of “Electric Shock.”  The very first thing that stands out in this MV is the shock factor behind those blue contacts.  Amber and Luna are stunning in those contacts.

Krystal and that taser, haha.  I just laugh at all the “shocking” items they have for this song.

Sulli really surprised me at the beginning of this MV.  She usually looks like a cute little girl, but she looks like a beautiful woman here.  Then, she turns back into that cute little girl.  Sulli just needs to become my little sister.

I’m not a girl….

…Not yet a woman

I’ve never been a huge fan of Victoria, but I like the blonde hair.

Krystal is looking like her sister again.  Usually they don’t look alike, but they’re both beautiful.

I am starting to see Amber’s relation to the dinosaur family.

Dino number one

Baby dino in her pack

Luna’s thighs!  I’ve heard they were crazy thick and solid, but they are AMAZING!  I know EunHyuk teases her about lifting heavier weights with her legs than he can.  This is what that looks like.

Electric shock dance, possible for car dancers, just watch and learn.

Did F(x) Electric Shock you?

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