Dal Shabet wants to introduce you to Mr. BangBang

Dal Shabet is back with “Mr. BangBang” and my love for them is slowly rising.  You guys should know that I don’t like girl bands that much, but slowly and surely I’m beginning to love them.  The plot of this MV: these girl’s becoming bank robbers, the police show up and they throw money around to make their getaway.

I love the cowboy boots, which is a throwback to American westerns, and then to top it all off, the money they steal from the bank is US dollars, not Korean Won.

WooHee is Dal Shabet’s new member, replacing Viki.  She’s wearing this dress with a bra-like top, and I do not like it.  She’s a pretty girl, but that’s not the dress for her.

I love GaEun’s new haircut and color, red suits her.

Ribbons!!!!!  I like that outfit; I think I’d just hold my arms out and spin around in really fast circles.


Insert my SuBin love here.  She was always the one who could sing, and I appreciate talent and beauty.

Let me get out my Serri bias, I’ve always thought she was beautiful and amazing.  Her two toned hair reminds me of TaeYeon’s but really it just looks damaged.  I also love her Charlie’s Angels pose with that gun.

Want to talk about damaged ends?

Lastly, here’s my absolute bias: JiYul.  She is so pretty, and cute, I honestly think she should have “Bbuing bbuinged.”

Bbuing Bbuing!!

The dance is possible even without a fake gun, you just use your fingers.  Watch the gif, it’s pretty easy for car dancers.  Happy dancing.

Have you met Dal Shabet’s Mr. BangBang?

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