Boyfriend’s got their own kind of Love Style!

Boyfriend is back with “Love Style” and I can 100% say I do NOT love their sense of style in this MV.  Some of those suits cause a physical pain reaction in me, and not the ovary exploding kind.  I’m talking about the “run to the bathroom and try to keep your lunch down” kind.  Some of these suits just made me want to claw my eyes out.

What were they thinking?

That’s not a suit, it’s a tablecloth

Why would you do such a thing?

HyunSeong is turning pretty awesome, I like the blond hair on him and I always approve of lip wipes, even with teeth.  They’re almost more tasteful that way.

KwangMin makes me laugh a little here, during his rap he was kinda in a D.O. situation, he refused to blink.  His eyes were so wide I couldn’t help from cracking up?


The original O.O

Also, for those of you who were looking for jailbait tummy, here it is.  Pretty, soft flesh of KwangMin tummy.  Wow, I’m starting to creep myself out, but no worries, I’m a YoungMin predator not KwangMin.

Onto my second bias in this band: JeongMin.  He’s hot, as usual, but again I must ask about the spikes.  What is up with spiked suits these days?  One last thing for JeongMin: the hat.  He looks positively sinful in hats.

I would be bumping into friends trying to poke them with those spikes

My YoungMin bias yay!!! I mean ewww, what did you do to his hair?  Total disapproval of his head but I love the face.

No!!! Not the hair!!! Why did you do that?

Extra: KwangMin looks totes adorbs with that boombox.

Here’s the dance gif.  Kick jumpy things, not good for car dancers but alas, I never listen to my own advice.  Happy dancing!

Did you like Boyfriend’s Love Style?

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