Baby Goodnight with B1A4

B1A4 is back; pretty much right after I finished their other MV reviews, damn them.  Other than that “Baby Goodnight” is an awesome song that will weave it’s way into your very soul.  I love their cowboy motif here.  Apparently Koreans look good as cowboys.

Highlight one: JinYoung, pretty as always.  Pretty as he may be, he’s slipping down my bias list.

Highlight two: giving GongChan credit for that hat.  I’m a fan of hats, and GongChan is cute enough, though I preferred him blond.

Sandeul bias to the rescue!!!!  I do have a Sandeul bias, it just never shows, but baby got back.  He booty checks JinYoung and that’s some serious booty.

Booty bump!

Baro is two things: one extremely cute and two a hot BAMF.  That feather is not so BAMF, but as I mentioned before I am digging headbands now so he’s still hot.  Every time I see Baro I want to ask my mom if I can keep him, and I don’t even live with my mom.

That feather suits him

So cute!

Here comes my CNU bias.  How can he be so hot?  I mean, by now you all should know what hats do to me and what CNU does to me, so why would they put a hat ON CNU?  My ovaries just can’t take any more abuse.

So hot~~~

So sexy!!!

Lastly, I have to mention the perfect timing I had on this screen cap.  Here we see CNU’s bitchface.  I didn’t know he had one.  This is a total “Oh no you didn’t” look.  Personally when it comes to bitchfaces I think Kris wins, but CNU is working this look.

CNU’s version

The original

Here comes the dance gif.  Very fun dance this time around.  Lots of hips.  I love me some Korean man hips.  For you car dancers during the “Woooooooah” part kinda act like a choo choo train or as Redeim said a skier and sway back and forth.  It’s really fun; I just did this like 10 minutes before I typed this.  Happy dancing!

Did B1A4 say Baby Goodnight to you?

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