5  History, Mama, What is Love?
6  Know Your Name, Abandoned, Demon
8  Touch, Breathe, Bad Girl Good Girl
10  Mr. Simple, Bonamana, Don’t Don
12  Ugly, Fire, I am the Best
14  Lies, Fantastic Baby, Haru Haru
16  Oh Yeah, Monalisa, It’s War
20  Be My Baby, Nobody, Tell Me
21  OK, Beautiful Target, Baby I’m Sorry

1  Gee, Tell Me Your Wish (Genie), The Boys
2  Alone, So Cool, Push Push
3  Supa Luv, To You, Clap
4  Message, Hello & Goodbye
9  I’ll Be Back, Again & Again, Hands Up
11  ManManHaNi, 0330, Not Young
13  Nothing’s Over, Paradise, The Chaser
14  Shock, Fiction, Bad Girl
15  Hip Song, Rainism, I’m Coming
17  Power, Warrior
18  Volume Up, Mirror Mirror, Muzik
19  Freeze, Go & Tell Them, Nanrina

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