B.A.P has some serious Power

B.A.P.!!!  “Power” is so awesome, all I can say is…. VdsbjzmkaJjmvocs kdvzsdbljkhdbsjdsn bebvlewaui eaqoofl hwuhm qroaled gaw lgfvdw elif.  Now that that is out of my system I can reintroduce you to the derpband!!!!  Let’s herp some derps!

Hopefully you all know that the B.A.P. members are aliens from another planet, well we can now see they crash-landed and are so pissed about it that they just have to dance.

Let’s talk about HimChan.  Everyone remembers his crazy eyes in “Warrior” right?  Well Crazy Eyes HimChan is back as everyone expected it; he did not fail to deliver.  (By the way, make Crazy Eyes HimChan something official; it can be his cowboy name or something).

I love the tattoos in this MV.  They’re hot.  Can you say Cheetos?  Also, that body wave thing he does is pretty smexy.

DaeHyun is looking pretty dirty and sexy here.  Along with his talent for singing, he’s shaping up to look mighty fine.

Next is YoungJae.  I loved the half shaved head, it suits him, and I also really like that slow lip wipe.  That made my ovaries do the happy dance.

One more thing about YoungJae, you may or may not know about his baby fat incident where fans talked about his baby fat, but what about his arms?  Who cares about baby fat, his arms are GORGEOUS!!! (Please excuse the derp, this is B.A.P. what were you expecting?)

Smack that ass!  I totally approve, and Bang is totally into it.  Smack it harder!!!

Lastly: ZELO!!!!!!  You all should know my Zelo bias and how willing I am to go to jail for that boy, so here’s an onslaught of Zelo pictures.  Enjoy, I know I do.





I have three dance gifs, all for different parts of the song.  I’ll try to label them.  As for car dancers, during the chorus take both hands, ball them into fists, raise them up and down twice on beat then take your foot off the gas or brake pedal to symbolize jumping.  Rinse and repeat.  Please do this at your own risk, not car crashes please.  I do suggest it though, it’s fun for you AND your passengers.

The chorus dance I explained

During the “hate you” part

During the butt smack, teasing part

Did you get Power from B.A.P?

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