2AM is just Like Me

2AM’s new song “Like Me” or “I Wonder if You Hurt Like Me” is out.  As I said, I hate doing reviews on ballads but for your sake I’m doing it.  Firstly, that lady has some seriously red hair, that and Jinwoon has some sinfully gorgeous collar bones.

So the plot of this MV is really weird.  Basically all the pictures Jinwoon has of this girl disappear, then you find out he was keeping her in the closet (or at least his memories of her there), then she turns to blank photos and so does he.  It was a REALLY weird MV.

And he turns into photos…

Sorry, I honestly had nothing much to say about this MV, because it’s so strange and nothing stands out.  I’m not particularly fond of this song, but I look forward to their next song.

Did you like 2AM’s Like Me?

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