The new Hot Issue is 4Minute

4Minute is here and they’ve debuted with this awesome song, “Hot Issue.”  Let’s start with styling, who is punishing GaYoon?  What did she do to deserve that hairstyle?

I love the 4Minute ring, I would totally wear it if I got a hold of one.

SoHyun looks like Dara!  I was so surprised by that, but they’re both gorgeous so who cares!

SoHyun is so pretty~

JiYoon is easily my second bias, she looks straight up gansta in this MV, I’m sure I’ll be harping on her in the other reviews too.

Here is my ultimate bias: HyunA.  She’s beautiful and this was 4Minute’s first MV so they haven’t turned her sexy on yet, but she’s still amazing!!!

Last but not least is the dance.  Lots of hips and a cute hide behind your hands move makes this possible for car dancers, so long as you can move your hips while sitting.  Anyways, watch the gif and happy dancing!

Is 4Minute a Hot Issue?

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