4Minute is Muzik to my ears~

4Minute came out with “Muzik” and I have to say, they’ve done it again.  I love this song!  I warn you about the fuzzy shots in this MV, none of these screen caps will be good, you’ve been warned.  With that said, I hope you guys will be as flexible as JiHyun and HyunA when it comes to the screen caps.



First things first, this song immediately reminds me of Diva Key.  Key, Joon, ShinDong and Mir all worked together and performed this song.  HyunA’s pink, frilly top reminded me of it because Key wore it so well.  Watch what I’m talking about here.

Let me get my JiYoon bias out of the way.  I love her, she’s a BAMF and simply gorgeous.

I like how their shirts spell out the title of the song, okay, well they spell “music.”  They forgot that they dubbed their song “MUZIK” not “music” but they get credit for trying.

SoHyun is cute with the long hair, but I like her better with short hair.

As usual here’s my HyunA bias.  I love her eyeliner and she looks great with her hair pulled into that ponytail, but I don’t like the purple bob.

I hate that bob

As for the dance, just put your right arm up in the air and sway it from side to side on beat.  Watch the gif to understand what I mean.  Happy dancing!

Did 4Minute captivate you with their Muzik?

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