4Minute made me say HuH?

4Minute is back and fiercer than ever with “HuH.”  I love this song and this MV!  Let me mention the fact the B2ST opens this MV for them and I’ll only post one picture of them, because you guys should know my boy band bias, I want to spam these guys.  It’s a 4Minute MV, so I’ll hold back.

Nice lip wipe KiKwang

Let’s start with my ultimate and utter destruction when it comes to 4Minute: confusing SoHyun and JiYoon.  For the life of me I can’t tell them apart.  I keep calling them by each other’s names, so after careful studying I can officially say (just for this MV) which one is which.



My second bias is once again JiYoon and her hair is totally boss.  And yes, it is JiYoon, not SoHyun.

GaYoon is beautiful in this MV.  I love her eyeliner and earrings; I love earrings so I would steal those from her in an instant.  In addition to the big earrings, she’s got that hairdo.  It looks like a cat whose been scared stiff.

Insert HyunA bias here.  She’s gorgeous as a redhead and her eyes and eyeliner and just so many feels!!!!  She’s definitely one of my lesbian crushes.

As for the dances there are two that come to mind, one is much easier than the other to do in the car.  One is a leg dance, fun and sexy to watch, not so easy to actually do.  The other is holding your arms in front of yourself and swishing them side to side on beat.  Watch the gif, it shows much more than I can explain.  Happy dancing!

Did 4Minute make you say HuH?

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