Mirror Mirror on the wall, is 4Minute the fairest of them all?

4Minute’s “Mirror Mirror” is epic!!!  I love this song so much!  The premise of all the mirrors is just mindfuckery, but I love it anyway.

I’ll be honest, I still confused JiYoon and SoHyun.  I don’t know why because SoHyun looks like Dara again ergo the one who looks like Dara must be SoHyun.  Plus she’s got a cute freckle.




GaYoon looks so elegant in this MV.  Her hair is done up and makes her look like a rich heiress.

These ladies have some great legs and those silver, tight pants are the perfect tool for showing them off.

Let’s talk about JiYoon being hot with her swept over hair and JiHyun rocking red hair.

Last is again my HyunA bias.  She has a gorgeous smile and she’s sexy now.

I know the floor dance was banned for being too sexy and HyunA has the ability to cause nosebleeds, but feel free to watch as much as you like.

The main dance is pretty easy.  Just put your left hand in front of you, palm facing your face and rub your other hand in a circle on that hand.  Easy for car dancers, just make sure your car doesn’t drift out of your lane and happy dancing!

4Minute is trying to win you over with Mirror Mirror, did it work?

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