5  The Infinite member who fails to register human emotion sometimes
7  The former JYP trainee who is now working in HwaHee’s band
9  2AM + 2PM + Abracadabra = what?
10  A member of H.O.T. who is still part of SM Entertainment
12  U-KISS KiBum’s former stage name
13  B.A.P. has worked with this girl group on several occasions
14  T.O.P., SeungRi and LeeU’s real name
15  The name Park ChoongJae belongs to which Shinhwa member?

1  Teen Top C.A.P.’s real name
2  She’s worked with JunHyung, Zico, HyunSeung, G.NA, YoungSaeng and Joon in various songs and music videos
3  A member of SHINee, CNBLUE and Teen Top all share this name
4  U-KISS Kevin’s debut song (this was before U-KISS)
6  D.NA Mika’s stage name while in Xing
8  The Diva and Dinosaur couple
10  This band member shares a name with a staple Korean food
11  The first Shinhwa member on “We Got Married”

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