4Minute turns the Volume Up!

I was so excited when I first saw this MV!!! 4Minute killed it with “Volume Up.”  This song is the perfect blend of their singing talents, beauty and all around it’s just awesome.  To start though, let’s have the worst tights in the world as worn by HyunA.

I don’t like JiHyun when she’s wearing too much makeup, but there are some points in the MV when she’s absoultely stunning.

I DO NOT like SoHyun in this MV.  The dark motif and long hair do not suit her.  It just doesn’t do her beauty justice.  I really don’t like it.

I love GaYoon in this MV.  I figured out that I’m pretty GaYoon biased too.  Just the right amount of makeup and a beautiful dress!

I love the dress!!!

My second bias, JiYoon looking boss with her hair.  Also, she does the most epic coat tail flip in the history of coat tail flips.

Let’s add my HyunA bias, you guys have got to be used to this by now.

What probably stuck out the most in this MV was HyunA’s lesbian moments.  They had girls all over her it was crazy and pretty hot.  Plus, you can see those girls asses.

Hot, huh?

As for the dance, do the shoulder dance.  Just wriggle your shoulders on the “oo oo oo oo” part.  Here’s the dance gif.  Happy dancing.

Did you turn the Volume Up for 4Minute?

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