F.Cuz gets Jiggy!

F.Cuz!!!!  I love this band so much and they debuted with this extremely hyper, bright and catchy song, “Jiggy.”  Let’s start with who I thought my bais was from the beginning, YeJun and those adorable poodle curls.

A few things I don’t like about this MV would have to be those vests.  They killed something fluffy to get them.  I also don’t like the onepiece suit thing that YeJun wears.  Not a fan of jumpsuits, sorry.

No jumpsuits please

I was honestly never a fan of LeeU, but I’ll admit to his sexiness in all that guyliner.  Jinon didn’t look too bad with guyliner on either.  Guyliner, a fangirl’s best friend.

I really thought YeJun was my bias because he was so cute, that hat makes him look so adorable!!!  Also, the fluffy hat looks great on him too.

My real bias is Kan.  He is one sexy piece of man meat.  I also really like Kan in his dork glasses.  He looks like a hot nerd.  Nerds can be hot, see?


A common coupling in the band was KanU (LeeU and Kan) so for those you who ship them (which does not include myself) here’s some KanU.

They’re on the left there

The dance is really fun.  I have fun doing the entire thing in my car, though it might be a little difficult for car dancers and I certainly won’t try to explain it all.  Sorry guys, it took me a while to learn it and it would take too long to explain, please just watch the gifs and try to learn it.  Happy dancing!

Did you get Jiggy with F.Cuz?

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