No One does it like F.Cuz

“No One” is here and F.Cuz is back!!!  I love this song, it’s catchy as all F.Cuz songs are.  I will start with LeeU and his lizard looks.  Like I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of LeeU and anytime he grits his teeth, he looks like a lizard.

I will say, this is F.Cuz’s derp song.  This song is to F.Cuz as B.A.P. is to an MV.  They’re trying to be intense so any screencap I tried to get ended up in a derp.  There’s your fair warning.

I am in love with Kan’s guyliner and his jawline.  You guys should know what nice, strong jaws do to me by now, if you don’t, we’ll just leave at that.

Okay, YeJun won my bias over this time around.  The blond hair, the guyliner and the hat… Overload.  Just…. Overload.

I just heard that Mortal Kombat voice that says “Finish him” and then YeJun did this.  Yep, I’ve been finished….. Let me rock in a corner in pieces.

As for the dance, it’s kind of just swinging your hands back and forth with your index fingers up when they sing the “no one” part.  Here’s the gif, happy dancing!

Did you like F.Cuz’s No One?

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