2PM is at it Again & Again

2PM is back with “Again & Again” and this is their staple song.  If you are thinking about old 2PM, you’re probably thinking of this song.  Basically the plot of this MV is these guys singing to this girl who doesn’t seem to give a damn about them.  Rude.

Though the screen caps are a little fuzzy, I am enjoying JunHo and JaeBum’s arms.  Why are their arms so gorgeous?  I don’t know what to do!!! Can’t contain feels~

Everyone is just using their own abilities to stalk, and no one is very good.  Junsu on the stairs, Jaebum at the door, Nichkhun and Chansung staring through the glass, all of them are horrible stalkers.

Yet somehow she’s oblivious

Taecyeon is by far the worst.  He’s laying on her legs, I’m pretty sure she’d notice that.

As for the dance, the easiest one is the main dance.  Just ball your hands into fists and push them forward at head level one at a time (if that doesn’t make sense, watch the gif).  Happy dancing!

Have you listened to this 2PM song Again & Again?

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