Can you feel 2PM’s Heartbeat?

2PM and “Heartbeat” equals me very happy.

Fuzzy picture, yes.  Sexy Junsu, hell yes.  Fap worthy, damn straight, but alas, all I have are ovaries.

Monytail time.  Nichkhun, JunHo and Taecyeon all sport monytails for this MV, and that’s just hot.  For those of you who don’t know what a monytail is; man + ponytail = monytail.

As I’ve mentioned before, Taecyeon is my 2PM bias and he just looks sexy as fuck with that monytail and in that black shirt.  Mm mm mm, yum.  I just love his intense look.

Car dancers, you guys probably want to do the chorus dance. Put your right fist over your heart, bump your chest, then put your hand down by your side.  Next, put your left hand over your chest and bump your chest a few times.  Watch the gif and happy dancing.

They do have a dance segment at the end of the MV, there is some cool running dance and then they do a cheerleading pyramid thing.  Anyway, check out the gifs.

Does your Heart beat for 2PM?

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