2PM and the Terminator, I’ll Be Back

“I’ll Be Back” is here and 2PM is as fierce as ever.  I love the pounds of guyliner and eyeshadow these guys wear.  Okay, well I love it sometimes, other times it’s just overkill.  Taecyeon and Junsu are proof of that, then again, it suits Junsu much better than Taecyeon.

Though I may not approve of the eye shadow, I am in love with Junsu’s neck; it is sinfully gorgeous.  Even though his neck is gorgeous I was wondering how annoying that thing on his face is.  I would tear it off; it looks so annoying.



I love the Chansunf, I mean Chansung, skin.  I’m pretty sure that this man has bigger boobs than me.  He needs a bra.

Can you say moobs?

Then we have the stunningly beautiful Nichkhun.  His hair, his face~  I am so in love with this man right now.

This song also has a running dance to it (also a kicking dance), nothing a car dancer could really do, but here are some fun gifs.  My favorite dance in this song is the one they do when Chansung’s singing.  For car dancers, just put your thumb up in the air when they start singing the chorus.  Happy dancing!

Will you Be Back for 2PM?

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