Hands Up for 2PM!!!

2PM is back with “Hands Up” and this song will get stuck into your head.  Kills me every time.  The song is a get hyped song and it’s just an all around fun song.  Let me start with guyliner, because Junsu wears it well.

I love the introductions.  Nichkhun it looking great after playing golf.  Korean men are hot when they’re all done up in makeup, but they’re also hot when they’re all natural.  Nichkhun and JunHo are looking fantastic.

That horse mask is just hilarious.  I don’t even know who’s wearing it, but it’s just funny.

I think I’m beginning to understand why people call Chansung, Chansunf.  Because you see him and then you just have to say “unf.”

This MV is like an appreciation of Nichkhun and Taecyeon’s arms, and I will oblige by appreciating.  Taecyeon’s arms make me go weak in the knees, and I’m sitting, that shouldn’t even matter.


Unf unf unf

Last would have to be Taecyeon’s lip wipe.  That man is undoubtedly my 2PM bias.  Thank you for the lip wipe, my ovaries are grateful.

As for the dance, the chorus is the easiest.  Just take your hand, open your palm and pretend like you’re bouncing a basketball; over exaggerate the movements.  The gif is here.

The dance I love in the MV is WooYoung leading the sexy wave thing.  It’s hot, and WooYoung definitely knows how to move his body.  Happy dancing!

Did 2PM make you put your Hands Up?

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