2PM’s WooYoung is Looking for a Sexy Lady

2PM’s WooYoung has finally come out with his solo song “Sexy Lady” and I am obsessed with it.  I love the seizure/spasm dance.  That’s the one I’m gonna do in my car.  Check it out here.

So I have to laugh here, because Jokwon and WooYoung came out with their songs around the same time and being the ssanti brothers, they actually look alike in these MVs.  They’re both blond and they both fly in their MVs.





WooYoung has some amazing thighs and even better collarbones.  I could eat that man if it weren’t for the poison he stored in his cheeks.  Haha.

Do I start here?

Or here?

Arms and abs.  Where would a 2PM be without them?  WooYoung’s arms are greased up and ready to go.  Also, you have to love the abs flash. Hubba Hubba (I can’t believe I just typed that.)

It’s dance time.  The chorus is pretty easy, just take your right hand and use your index and middle fingers to touch your temple.  Swing your head from side to side.  Then put both your palms on your temples and sway your head from side to side.  Here’s a gif.  Happy dancing!

Are you the Sexy Lady WooYoung’s been looking for?

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