G.NA Will Back Off So You Can Live

G.NA just debuted with this song “I’ll Back off so You Can Live” and it’s pretty good.  I don’t like her blonde hair though.  G.NA looks too tan to pull off the blonde hair.

I loved seeing B2ST’s DuJoon in this MV.  He’s hot, so hot.  That and he and G.NA look great together.

The song features B2ST’s JunHyung.  The guyliner, tank top and rapping just made me happy.  I really enjoy JunHyung.  Yum.

The tattoo confused me.  It just looks weird, kinda sketched, plus since this is her debut MV I thought it was real.

I have never cared much for nails, but I am in love with her manicure.  I want one now, sorry, I’ll be back later.

Last is my love for hats, more specifically fedoras.  Bitches love fedoras and I am indeed a bitch.  Apparently fedoras are as effective on men as they are on women for me at least.

I don’t want G.NA to Back off so I Can Live, do you?

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