Life with G.NA isn’t all Black & White

G.NA is back with “Black and White” and I am so hooked on this song and MV.  Because of this MV I ship G.NA and Jinwoon as a couple so hard!!!!  I mean they’re just so cute!


So just an FYI this MV features 2AM’s Jinwoon and he is hot as ever!  Hot and cute!  Can you spot the Asian?

I’m just going to enjoy Jinwoon’s thighs.

Sorry to be talking about Jinwoon so much but he’s hot.  I honestly like him better in other people’s MV rather than the 2AM MVs.  Look at his arm.  It’s huge, I love it!

G.NA’s got this great smile, I love it, and she’s so pretty.  One of the great things about this MV is that she keeps picking fights with Jinwoon and she’s doing it on purpose.  She’s fighting so they can make up.  So cute!

G.NA looks great in that white sweater dress.  Her thighs are fucking sexy.  I may be adding another girl to my list of lesbian crushes.

Before I talk about the dance, I have to ask G.NA where she put her hand.  Looks like Jinwoon’s crotch to me.

The dance is pretty easy.  Put your hands together (side by side) above your head, then sway your hips to the beat.  Here’s the gif, as always it makes more sense than I do.  Happy Dancing!

Is everything really Black & White when it comes to G.NA?

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