G.NA is out to be the Top Girl

G.NA is back with “Top Girl” and as usual, I love her songs.  Some people were upset that this song was materialistic, but G.NA’s so pretty how could you really care?  I love her in the hat.

Though I love G.NA I cannot stand that skirt.  The black stripe down her butt crack and the skin-toned skirt just don’t do her justice.  Sorry G.NA, not that.

Hate it, just hate it

She’s so pretty when she smiles and she looks so excited when she says, “boom.”  She’s like a giant kid.


So I’ve seen this MV countless times but I don’t remember ever seeing these fireworks.  Go me for failing to notice the obvious.

When did those get there?

Another funny/not cool thing about this MV has got to be the horribly animated street that G.NA’s driving her car on.  Fake and makes me laugh.

As I’m talking about this MV I’m realizing that though I love this song, I don’t like the MV.  I was unimpressed, but really, who am I to deny a wet G.NA?

She’s sexy and she knows it

As for the dance that’s pretty easy. Take the middle finger of your right hand and put it on your collarbone, rub it back and forth on beat.  Check out the gif.  There’s also the “rub your ovaries” dance, turns out I’ve been doing this one long before this song came out.  Happy dancing.

Is G.NA your Top Girl?

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