G.NA is 2HOT to Handle!

G.NA is back again with “2Hot” and she really is as hot as she says.  Just look at that smile.  Simply stunning.

A few little things you can dance to while in the car would be the  “omona” pose when she sings “omomomo” and the “ooo” dance with your hands out by your side.  Check out the picture and the gif.

I love G.NA’s hair in this video.  The two colors suit her and the hairstyles are unique and make her look even better.

One thing I hated in this MV was the makeup.  When G.NA wore that neon yellow/green dress they put way too much makeup on her.  I can’t even stand it.

G.NA is out to destroy your soul with her cute look.  She could make me commit murder with those doe eyes.  She’s trying to beat Chocolat’s Tia.

My absolute favorite part of this MV has got to be the firemen.  These well built men show up and they are HUGE.  I mean they are fire trucks themselves; I don’t know how they fit in one.  I like the one who winks; he seems cute and down to Earth.

The chorus isn’t that bad of a dance either.  Here’s the gif, I’m too lazy to explain it.  G.NA has some lesbian moments of her own in this MV, right here in the chorus.

Is G.NA 2Hot for you?

One thought on “G.NA is 2HOT to Handle!

  1. GNA is very pretty when she smiles. It always irritates me when people on other blogs call her ugly and say things like that the only thing going for her are boobs.
    Also, thanks again for mentioning Tia, girl is cuteness personified.

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