HyungJoon Says “Sorry I’m Sorry”

Kim HyungJoon is back, finally with “Sorry, I’m Sorry,” I love this man, but I’ll be honest I was a little disappointed with this song and MV.  I guess my consolation prize can be his arms.  Baby started working out, I approve.

So I’m learning some new things about baby HyungJoon, he’s apparently a little kinky.  The blindfold and ashes (I’ll count that as dirty), I like where this is going.

So the burning thing reminds me of Zeus in Wrath of the Titans.  That looks like it hurts.

I really love his hair this time around.  It’s sexy and sleek.

Oh yeah, go ahead and touch yourself.


The dance is pretty easy.  Right hand near your chest, half turn twice, then hands together and rub them.  The gif is way better at showing it than I am at explaining it.  Happy dancing!

Do you believe HyungJoon when he says Sorry I’m Sorry?

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