B.A.P is back and they have No Mercy

B.A.P. is back with “No Mercy” and to say I’m excited would be an understatement.  This song is AWESOME and since it’s B.A.P, we’re back with the derps!

I wasn’t so sure about YoungJae’s hair at first, because I tend to like guys with longer hair, but the more I look at it, the more I love it.

My tongue needs to be on DaeHyun’s neck.  That’s a fact.

HimChan, the lip wipe?  Why are you doing this to me?  Hnnnnnng~~~

Yongguk and baseball bats are quickly becoming an OTP for me.  That man becomes infinitely hotter when holding one.

I love the cornrows on Yongguk!  They’re so hot!!!  Excuse me; I just slipped off my chair.

Happy fangirl dance!!!!

Last Yongguk blurb.  I could stare at his mouth for ages.  It’s perfect.

Now here comes my Zelo bias.  Why would I go to jail for that boy?  Because he’s so frickin’ cute looking all fabulous with his hands on his hips and those horns…. Just kill me so I can have my Zelo already.

I’m not sure if you guys know but I am a diehard Michael Jackson fan, so my lovely Zelo doing a dance tribute to MJ made me so excited.  I don’t care how illegal those hips are, I need them.

This was the first time B.A.P tried to do sexy with their dance, and indeed, those hips were naiiiiiice.  Here’s a close up of Yongguk and his hips.  Yummy.

I also love the popping that goes along with “boom clap” so hot.  I enjoy this MV entirely too much.

Did B.A.P. give you No Mercy?

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