B2ST is out to Shock you!

B2ST “Shock” was one of my favorites.  This song was hot and the way the MV started made me think of anime.  I have seen far too much time, and let’s be honest, hentai to not know where this is going – tentacle porn, it’s never been my thing.

DuJoon… Why do you have to be so hot?  You’re killing me here.  The hair, the guyliner… unf.

HyunSeung your hair is pretty awesome here.  Actually that’s an understatement, his hair is perfection.

KiKwang must you do this to me and my ovaries?  Guyliner is usually enough to hit me in the feels, but the scar guyliner, really?  You’re trying to murder me.

BAMF flames in the background.  This is what B2ST is.  BAMF flames in my heart!!! Yes, I went that lame.

The dance is easy.  Kinda looks like the BAP “Power” dance, though this came first, so it’s vice versa, but since that MV review is already done, I mentioned it.  Here’s the gif, it works for car dancers and those who wish to be subtle about it while walking on the road, forget about it.  Either way, happy dancing!

Did B2ST Shock you with their song?

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