Hold your Breath B2ST is back

“Breath!”  This song is my jam!!!!  The dirty beat; I just can’t believe the amount of feels I have for this song.  First things first…. Holy crap, that is too much guyliner for my ovaries to handle.

You guys know LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know it” right?  When I see KiKwang and HyunSeung all I can think of is “Ahhhh, girl look at that body.”

HyunSeung is killing me!!! His chest looks gloriously built beneath that tank top; and though I love his guyliner, I don’t care for his hair in this MV.  All in all, HyunSeung is hot.

DuJoon is already a gorgeous man but when you add guyliner he becomes a work of art.  Forgive me as I just gush over this man.

JunHyung’s fluffy hair is adorable!

Love the teeth necklace

Sorry, here I go again with my KiKwang bias.  His arms, his guyliner, his chest, his lips and his neck!!! My bias works all sorts of magic and feels on me.

Here’s some dance gifs.  I love the heavy breathing, it’s so hot, and fun to do in the car, or subtly as you walk down the street so others don’t stare at you oddly.  Either way, happy dancing!

Did B2ST take your Breath away?

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