Read Fiction with B2ST

B2ST is back with “Fiction” and I had mixed feelings.  Actually I hated the song.  I don’t think I started liking this song until after “Beautiful Night” came out.  My very first reaction to this song was definitely “pianos shouldn’t sound like that.”

Lips.  I hope you know my feels for lips, and JunHyung and DuJoon have some delectable lips.

HyunSeung and that red hair is a match made in heaven.  Plus it makes me realize how large his ears are; again, here goes my subconscious big ear bias.

Paused on a “fuck this shit” dance move back there.  Awesome!

Little tiny obsession on KiKwang with his wonderful eyebrows, jawline and guyliner.

The rest is all JunHyung.  Walking like a zombie on a train track – not smart.  Being gorgeous and having bulging pants at the right place – me gusta.    Guyliner – I don’t think I have ever hated guyliner and I don’t think there will ever be a day when I do.

I see you little JunHyung~

As for the dance – we have the foot dance.  Not something I could ever do or even dream of doing, but it’s nice to look at.

Did B2ST give you reality or Fiction?

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