1  These 5 boys with their hip movements could make anyone say “Oh Yeah”
4  This duo’s goal is to make you “Bounce”
7  This seven member boy band wants you to “Freeze”
12  2NE1’s debut solo, this one they did on their own, no Big Bang
14  These six blond haired boys made their will to fight clear in this debut song
16  A-JAX’s debut song
17  BtoB’s debut song
18  Dal Shabet debuted with this bright, fun song
19  This 6 member boy band with twins had a debut song identical to their band name

1  This 5 boys sincerely want to give you a “Message”
2  The U-KISS boys were so little when they debuted with this song
3  These guys are really “10 Points Out of 10”
5  These 4 musically talented guys debuted by happily saying “I’m a Loner”
6  NU’EST blew everyone away with this debut song
8  B2ST’s debut song
9  These 4 girls showcased their skills with “I Want You Back”
10  Big Bang’s debut song
11  This gorgeous female solo singer sent listeners to “Heaven” with her voice
13  Round 1 was the debut song of this loyal 6 member boy band
15  4Minute’s debut song

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