CClown is done being Solo

C-CLOWN debuted with “Solo” and I actually wasn’t that impressed.  I’ve gotten used to the song, but it’s still not my favorite thing.  I think a part of me refused to watch them or acknowledge them because of Maru.  We’re talking about a kid younger than my Zelo.  Maru is born in 1997 and I refuse to like him.


After saying that, I have to acknowledge that Maru is my second bias in the band.  I harbor no sexual feelings for him (or so I keep telling myself that, I think for now that’s still true).  Though I do love masks and bandanas…. Stop it Maru!  I have students a year or two younger than you!!!




Since Maru is so young, why are his band members molesting him like that?



I’m not very impressed with the looks of these guys.  Ray drives me insane.  I want him to show his face, come out from behind that hair.  This is the most you get.



A face!!!

A face!!!

Then again, with a body like Ray’s you might not need a decent face.


TK’s face isn’t that bad….. Just really wasn’t wowed by this band.


I think KangJun looks a lot like ZE:A’s DongJun.





Now on to my actual bias: Rome.  This man is beautiful.  I mean, how can I deny that smirk?


Do you think C-CLOWN can make it with Solo?

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