Big Star takes the time to Think

Big Star is back with “Think” and they came back quick.  A lot of people didn’t like them when they debuted (I did) and here they are, back to try again.  The very first thing I noticed was RaeHwan.  You can see his eyes now!  He got rid of the sunglasses, thanks for listening to me!


Suddenly Jude gets screen time?  Okay, be that way and ignore my Sunghak.  Rude, people, rude.


I think I should become a vampire because of my neck kink.  Baram’s neck looks delectable.

unf unf unf

unf unf unf

In addition to his neck looking wonderful, Baram looks like Shinhwa’s JunJin when he had blond hair.





I couldn’t help but feel like I was staring at B1A4’s GongChan every time I looked at RaeHwan.   Who knew they looked so alike?





I love how Feeldog’s name comes with the feels I already have.  They gave him braids!!!!  How can he be so cute?

4 3 2

Feeldog!  A backhanded lip wipe?  You naughty boy, you know what that does to my ovaries.


What do you Think about Big Star’s new song?

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