CHAOS are out to be Racers

CHAOS is back which makes me happier than ever!  “Racer” is so catchy but I was shocked at how much these guys changed.  I mean look at HyunSun with that blond hair.  It’s frickin’ hot.


Two kinda random things I’ll get out of the way quickly, first off would be TaeYang’s wonderful thighs.  Gonna drool over that for a minute…… *one minute and a bucket of drool later* Hand Painting!!!!  I want to do this!!!  I’d prefer to do it with CHAOS, but more than likely I’ll end up doing something like this with my students…. *cry*




HeeJae, when did you become so hot?  I remember the dorky guy with glasses, not this man with enough guyliner to satisfy any normal girl for her entire life.



HyunSun was just gorgeous this entire MV.  The blond, long hair, the gun, that jacket… I want to curl up die looking at him.

8 6

Shirts without sides are my new favorite things.  DuHwan looks great in that shirt, or lack there of.  Me gusta.


TaeYang is hot.  Need I say more?


DongMin, you were my original bias and your smoky eyes plus guyliner helped you again.


DongMin, you don’t even have that great of an arm, but it’s greased up and holding a guitar, so that helps.  A LOT.


I’ve become careless when it comes to dance gifs, sorry.  Happy dancing?  Or not…

Did the Racers of CHAOS win the race?

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