Sing La-di Da-di for Cross Gene

Cross Gene, one of my many new obsessions, came out with “La-Di Da-Di” which was a BAMF song and a BAMF slash fun music video.  I love how this band is a blend of Chinese, Japanese and Korean guys, hence the “Cross” of “Cross Gene.”  I also have to commend Casper for throwing that shot to my ovaries straight up.


Because of my wonderful friends, I can’t watch Shin slide in on the floor without laughing.  It was strange to me, but not laughable.  Now, I crack up every time.  Thanks guys.

Laugh every time

Laugh every time

So, let me talk a little about Sangmin.  I don’t care for him in pictures, because he looks really Western and really old, but for some reason in this MV I like him.

He reminds me of LeeU, formerly from F.Cuz

I had a hard time picking a bias, I mean, look at Casper’s arms, and J.G. is gorgeous and Yongseok is beautiful!!!!



JG, quickly becoming my weakness

JG, quickly becoming my weakness



Damn foreheads and slicked back hair.  Just look at Yongseok!  I hope you people know I’m whining over here.  This is one of those Kpop fans can relate moments.  New band came out and you start crying because you can’t pick a bias.



Who walks in but this tall, gorgeous Japanese man named Takuya.  He has a freckle.  I shouldn’t have to say more, but I will.  He has a freckle on his chin, so close to his mouth.  How much more tempting do you have to be?  Dammit, there goes my bias.


7 9

Lots of dance gifs.  There’s the BAMF flail, the steppy dance and my personal favorite the floor dance.  If you want easy, go with the floor dance.  Happy dancing!



Did Cross Gene make you go La-Di Da-Di?

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