EVOL is A Bit Different

EVOL came out and thanks to my friends I was pretty excited about “We Are a Bit Different.”  These girls are beautiful and talented, and they have flame throwers.  Enter J-Da.


I love Hayana’s hair.  The two colors, one on each side, total BAMF move right there.


J-Da can put on quite the mean face.  Get yo’ snarl on.


Jucy’s hair is awesome, if I could I’d do my hair like that, alas I have curls and lots of them.  Though I love her hair, her face reminds me of Miss Piggy’s.  That’s not a bad thing, I love Miss Piggy; it was just an observation.

3 4


Yull’s hair and eyeliner is hot.  She’s a very pretty girl.


Maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with the Korean drama “Faith” right now, but Yull looks a lot like Hwa Soo In.  Check it out~



Hwa SooIn from “Faith”

Say is my bias in this band.  She’s hot and a badass.  Badass always wins.

8 9

Was EVOL A Bit Different from other girl groups?

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