NU’EST is Not Over You

NU’EST my “I-really-should-run-away-from-this-band-because-four-out-of-five-members-are-born-in-1995” band are back and I’m so excited!!!!  They’re back with “Not Over You” and I can go to hell again for being a pedo noona!  I mean, JR needs to be in my bed, right now.  Jail!!!

1 2

JR can pull off cute and hot, that’s just not fair.


Aron and a dog, new OTP right there because they’re just so cute.  Watch where your brains go you dirty minded pedo noonas!


MinHyun~ So pretty, so tall, put away the platform tennis shoes and leave them to us short people.


Took away my BaekRen and replaced it with JRen.  BTW, notice how Ren just goes with anyone: BaekRen, MinRen, JRen and ARen, whore or coincidence?


How did I end up with this big ear bias? Damn you BaekHo for having big ears and calling forth that bias.  Yes, I love me some BaekHo.


Okay, Ren spam time because he’s my bias, sorry.  Creeper mode: on.


12  5

Look at this woman, I mean man, well boy; he’s just gorgeous.  Stunning really.  Think of what he’d look like if they actually dressed him up as a girl.


How are they all so gorgeous?  How are they all so young?


Are you over NU’EST’s Not Over You?

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