VIXX debut as a Super Hero

VIXX just debuted with “Super Hero” and I can already tell that this will be one of my favorite bands; I mean look how adorable N looks with his fluffy hair.  I mean he’s so frickin’ cute!

2 6

Leo!  Really?  Tummy flash, yummy; then look at his face, it’s just flawless.

9 5

HongBin’s long hair, pretty hot.

7 8

Hyuk is adorable.


Ken looks pretty fine in this MV.


Gimme a Bro!  Gimme and Mance!  What does that spell?  Ken and Leo’s BROMANCE!!!  I should get a bromance gif….


Enter the bias and a bias list wrecker: Ravi. Words cannot express how much I bias for this man.  Yes, bias is now a verb, thought you should know.

1 11 13

Did the VIXX Super Heroes save the day?

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