VIXX will Rock Your Body

VIXX ~~~~~~  I’m so excited they’re back!!!! I’m squeaking right now because I’m so excited.  “Rock Your Body” is my jam and Ravi is my man!!!  Look at the guyliner.  I’m banging my head against the wall with this OTP.  Ravi + Guyliner = OTP.

2 3

Okay, Secret’s Dasom is in the MV, just to let you know.


Back to hot guys.  Blond hair and guyliner, well hello~~Hyuk!  That should be said in the Animaniacs “hello~~ nurse” tune.


HongBin has a gorgeous smile.  Look how sweet and beautiful it is.  Oh, did I forget to mention the guyliner?

4 10

How is this band so hot!!! N!! Guyliner!!  I’m frothing at the mouth right now.

6 12

Leo is so cute~ He’s adorable!

9 8

Ravi… The swoop guyliner is too much for my ovaries.  Can’t contain my feels!!!

11 cantcontainfeels

Here’s the chorus dance broken down into three gifs.  Have fun and happy dancing!

dance1 dance2 dance3

Did VIXX Rock Your Body?

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