VIXX will Rock Your Body

VIXX ~~~~~~  I’m so excited they’re back!!!! I’m squeaking right now because I’m so excited.  “Rock Your Body” is my jam and Ravi is my man!!!  Look at the guyliner.  I’m banging my head against the wall with this OTP.  Ravi + Guyliner = OTP.

2 3

Okay, Secret’s Dasom is in the MV, just to let you know.


Back to hot guys.  Blond hair and guyliner, well hello~~Hyuk!  That should be said in the Animaniacs “hello~~ nurse” tune.


HongBin has a gorgeous smile.  Look how sweet and beautiful it is.  Oh, did I forget to mention the guyliner?

4 10

How is this band so hot!!! N!! Guyliner!!  I’m frothing at the mouth right now.

6 12

Leo is so cute~ He’s adorable!

9 8

Ravi… The swoop guyliner is too much for my ovaries.  Can’t contain my feels!!!

11 cantcontainfeels

Here’s the chorus dance broken down into three gifs.  Have fun and happy dancing!

dance1 dance2 dance3

Did VIXX Rock Your Body?

VIXX debut as a Super Hero

VIXX just debuted with “Super Hero” and I can already tell that this will be one of my favorite bands; I mean look how adorable N looks with his fluffy hair.  I mean he’s so frickin’ cute!

2 6

Leo!  Really?  Tummy flash, yummy; then look at his face, it’s just flawless.

9 5

HongBin’s long hair, pretty hot.

7 8

Hyuk is adorable.


Ken looks pretty fine in this MV.


Gimme a Bro!  Gimme and Mance!  What does that spell?  Ken and Leo’s BROMANCE!!!  I should get a bromance gif….


Enter the bias and a bias list wrecker: Ravi. Words cannot express how much I bias for this man.  Yes, bias is now a verb, thought you should know.

1 11 13

Did the VIXX Super Heroes save the day?

Be Ma Girl says Teen Top

Teen Top is back with “Be Ma Girl” and you’re going to have to give me a minute to fan girl. NfkwA,hjsdfhbhsjlsfmj< HKJQAKzhdgUJnfhsdkjfKhhfbeid,avenbdsz,flhnds,v.  Okay, I think I’m better now.  Let’s start with some yummy hips.  Thanks C.A.P.


Ricky hopped on the blue hair train with B2ST’s JunHyung and Big Bang’s TOP.  It suits him, but I’m getting tired of it.








C.A.P. and L.Joe’s Bromance.  I love it.


I love the glow in the dark theme.  It’s so cool and fun!  I just want to join them.

10 11

How can L.Joe be so hot?  Not the lips!!! Don’t do this to me!

2. 12

ChunJi I love you; again with the losing testosterone with every wink; then the members become interested by some girls and ChunJi lacks enough testosterone to care about anything other than Niel.


Speaking of Niel, look at his hair!!!  I had a hard time at first getting used to it but now I love it.  I guess that’s why we call it a bias.

3 4

The heart collage was so clever, I wanna do that now.


The kick dance.  I could never do it.  I’d end up making out with the floor.  Regardless, have fun and happy dancing.


Are you willing to Be Teen Top’s Girl?

NU’EST is Not Over You

NU’EST my “I-really-should-run-away-from-this-band-because-four-out-of-five-members-are-born-in-1995” band are back and I’m so excited!!!!  They’re back with “Not Over You” and I can go to hell again for being a pedo noona!  I mean, JR needs to be in my bed, right now.  Jail!!!

1 2

JR can pull off cute and hot, that’s just not fair.


Aron and a dog, new OTP right there because they’re just so cute.  Watch where your brains go you dirty minded pedo noonas!


MinHyun~ So pretty, so tall, put away the platform tennis shoes and leave them to us short people.


Took away my BaekRen and replaced it with JRen.  BTW, notice how Ren just goes with anyone: BaekRen, MinRen, JRen and ARen, whore or coincidence?


How did I end up with this big ear bias? Damn you BaekHo for having big ears and calling forth that bias.  Yes, I love me some BaekHo.


Okay, Ren spam time because he’s my bias, sorry.  Creeper mode: on.


12  5

Look at this woman, I mean man, well boy; he’s just gorgeous.  Stunning really.  Think of what he’d look like if they actually dressed him up as a girl.


How are they all so gorgeous?  How are they all so young?


Are you over NU’EST’s Not Over You?

NS YoonG wants to say I Got You

NS YoonG is back~~~~ *insert sing song voice here* I love NS YoonG and “I Got You” is an awesome song!  My list of lesbian crushes is steadily growing and YoonG is trying hard to make it on that list with her recently sexed hair.


Hot pink heels, your arguement is invalid.


Eyeliner and jewel make up, YoonG, what are you trying to do to me?



I gotta admit she’s got a great body, seriously trying to add yourself to my lesbian exception list.




Those pants are amazing, now I feel more like myself.  I need those pants to be on a KPop guy.  Then I’ll be happy.


Messy ponytail, hot.  Messy anything on this woman is sexy as hell.


Does NS YoonG Got You?  (forgive the horrible grammar, puns are hard to make)

EXID wants to be with you Every Night

EXID, my loves!!!  “Every Night” is a good song with a weird ass music video.  So these girls make some sort of liquid concoction out of peppers and break the vials???

12 3 4 9

They toast the dude, their enemy, before they attack though.  These are classy ladies.


The slow motion sneezes killed me.  Too much, guys.  Too much.  Then the dude just sits there, getting soaked with the sneezes… Eww….

10 11

My very first reaction to this MV was WTF is with those masks.  This was before I knew what they had done…


I’m iffy on the white shirts and black bras.  Can’t tell if I count that as sexy or not.  For now, I’ll just think on it….


My favorite thing about this MV had to be the slow motion effects of them making this stuff.  The blender and filling the vials, it reminded me of Dexter’s opening.  Normal things seeming all creepy and menacing because it’s slowmo.  It was pretty epic.

6 7

Lazy with dance gifs again, sorry.

Do you want to be with EXID Every Night?

EXID shouts I Feel Good

Okay, EXID is back with “I Feel Good” and they made some distinct changes.  Firstly, where did my lesbian crush Yuzi disappear to?  Yuzi, Dami and Hyeryung all left the band for their own reasons, some may be temporary but in the mean time I’ll be sad.








To replace them they’ve added on Solji and Hyerin.






To be honest, since I usually don’t pay much attention to girl bands, I didn’t really notice that Yuzi left though I like her so much.  This is a good thing.  It means Solji is hot and she can hold her own when it comes to singing.




This is an upbeat poppy song where these girls escape the mundane reality of everyday life by embracing the phrase “party hard.”  Or break into a nightclub and party with your friends, whichever you prefer.

10 11 12 13

I really don’t care for Hyerin, I can’t really say why.  She just looks annoying but I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover.

8 5

LE really surprised me this time around.  I liked her the first time but I never knew her eyes were so pretty since she was trying to act all BAMF-y with sunglasses in the last MV.  Her eyes are gorgeous.

2 3

Hani of course.  We know I love her, so I still love her.  She’s cute and silly but still very pretty.  I have no logic just bias spam here.

7 6

As for the dance it’s fun.  Laziness of a gif and don’t take your hands off the wheel to do this if your car drifts like mine. Happy dancing.


Did EXID make you Feel Good?