Hurry Up and love 24K

24K has debuted with “Hurry Up” or “Bbaliwow” and they are fierce!!! I am in love with this band. The music has this dirty beat to it, and the raspy raps are bad ass. So to start off this MV review I’ll talk about how adorable DaeIl looks for that fierce voice.

In pictures, Kisu was my definite bias, but not in this MV. For some reason his face just didn’t look right in this MV. No me gusta.

Cory! That’s just not right. You should not be that hot nor should you put on that much guyliner. How are my ovaries meant to handle that?

SungOh is pretty hot too! Plus he reminds me a lot of Aoora from AA, don’t they look alike?


AA’s Aoora

ByungHo! He’s amazing and gorgeous!!! Bias right there; tied with DaeIl of course. If you want to see them together dancing I suggest clicking here. Best rendition of that Aaron Carter’s “Aaron’s Party” I’ve ever seen or heard.

24K starting with the random already! These awesome idiots stand in the middle of a parking lot as a sport car does donuts around them. Nice guys, nice.

DaeIl, you’re killing me. That guyliner AND tutting. I really need to stop getting pregnant from music videos. It’s becoming a real problem.

This music video may as well be a death sentence for my ovaries. Lip wipes guys, really? How can my ovaries be destroyed but I can still become pregnant? Answer: Kpop.

DaeIl, why!!!

ByungHo… no~~


My favorite is by far the dance. The “bbaliwow” uppercut like dance. Here’s the gif. My friends and I use this to tell each other to “hurry up” and come over here from across long distances.

Did 24K wow you with their Bbaliwow?