Because I’m Crazy for Double A

AA (Double A) is a new boyband who debuted with this song “미쳐서 그래” also known as “Because I’m crazy.”  My first impressions were all about Aoora.  His dramatic opening on his knees, OMG, really?  He’s very charismatic and stole the show anytime the camera was pointed at him.  Even pretty boy WooSang couldn’t tear my eyes away from the personality Aoora projected with his overdone dance moves and lip-syncing.  Also, did anyone notice the vertebrate necklace Aoora was rocking?

Nothing says hot like human bones

As for the dance moves, the chorus is by far my favorite part of the song, namely the body rolls.  Yum!!!  Then they turned and did it again. Double Yum!!


Unf again!

Hands up in the air and Michael Jackson kick, be still my beating heart!  Upon watching this music video a second time, did anyone notice the WooSang?  He vogues!!!  OMG, I’m in love.  He’s a choreographer and seems to be enjoying himself entirely too much, but I’m game.  If you don’t know what vogueing is, check that link up there, then check this one out to watch  dance crew in action.

The song is about being in love with a girl and regretting a break up.  These boys are sorry for what they did and they want you back so bad that they’re doing body rolls.  Who are you to deny them?  They hurl charisma, smooth voices, vogue and cute Kimchi at you because they’re crazy about you.  I know the music video has nothing to do with the meaning, but it showcases their good looks, and dancing abilities, that’s enough for me.

I’m not entirely sure what body rolls have to do with going crazy missing someone (actually I do, but we’ll leave it at that) but if you want to mimic this song’s choreography I’d start there.  It’s easiest.  It’s also followed by the right arm in the air, left arm next to it, Michael Jackson kick and a head quirk, now go home and impress your friends.  You know a kpop dance!!!

What do you think?  Going crazy for them yet?