Ailee Wants to Send You to Heaven

Ailee is here and she is stunningly beautiful and immensely talented.   “Heaven” is an amazing song that showcases Ailee’s wonderful talents.

I can’t really say much for the MV because it’s all plot.  Basically, we open up with Ailee spending all this time with her boyfriend.

Then we find out that she already has a boyfriend, who happens to be B2ST’s KiKwang.

Put your lips together like this, and kiss

So who is this guy?  Well, he seems to really approve of KiKwang.

Turns out he was the boyfriend and now he’s dead.  He’s a ghost.  So everything they were doing together at the beginning of the MV, she didn’t even know he was there, that’s why they weren’t really interacting.  I cried so hard during this MV.  It was so sad it killed me.

Does Ailee’s voice send you to Heaven?