Baby Goodnight with B1A4

B1A4 is back; pretty much right after I finished their other MV reviews, damn them.  Other than that “Baby Goodnight” is an awesome song that will weave it’s way into your very soul.  I love their cowboy motif here.  Apparently Koreans look good as cowboys.

Highlight one: JinYoung, pretty as always.  Pretty as he may be, he’s slipping down my bias list.

Highlight two: giving GongChan credit for that hat.  I’m a fan of hats, and GongChan is cute enough, though I preferred him blond.

Sandeul bias to the rescue!!!!  I do have a Sandeul bias, it just never shows, but baby got back.  He booty checks JinYoung and that’s some serious booty.

Booty bump!

Baro is two things: one extremely cute and two a hot BAMF.  That feather is not so BAMF, but as I mentioned before I am digging headbands now so he’s still hot.  Every time I see Baro I want to ask my mom if I can keep him, and I don’t even live with my mom.

That feather suits him

So cute!

Here comes my CNU bias.  How can he be so hot?  I mean, by now you all should know what hats do to me and what CNU does to me, so why would they put a hat ON CNU?  My ovaries just can’t take any more abuse.

So hot~~~

So sexy!!!

Lastly, I have to mention the perfect timing I had on this screen cap.  Here we see CNU’s bitchface.  I didn’t know he had one.  This is a total “Oh no you didn’t” look.  Personally when it comes to bitchfaces I think Kris wins, but CNU is working this look.

CNU’s version

The original

Here comes the dance gif.  Very fun dance this time around.  Lots of hips.  I love me some Korean man hips.  For you car dancers during the “Woooooooah” part kinda act like a choo choo train or as Redeim said a skier and sway back and forth.  It’s really fun; I just did this like 10 minutes before I typed this.  Happy dancing!

Did B1A4 say Baby Goodnight to you?

Baby I’m Sorry, B1A4

So I’m a little pissed about this song, I didn’t even know it was here, I’m sorry B1A4, you guys know how much I love you.  I was so busy I didn’t know you came out with a new MV.  With that said, let’s start the perving!

First things first, Baro and GongChan are looking like B.A.P members.  I’m not trying to show my B.A.P. bias, but look at these pictures.  Baro looks like Bang in “Never Give Up” and GongChan looks like he belongs in the B.A.P. MV with his blonde hair and slightly derped face.  Guess who is who!

BTW the first pic was Bang, second Baro

I don’t care much about the lyrics, but they’re about these guys being sorry that they broke up with you and they want you back.  The more pressing issue is that girl. Her face actually scares me.  It just doesn’t look like it should be that way, her eyes are too far apart and it’s just….. No, I don’t like it.

She just doesn't look right....

Every band needs a red head, have some sexy JinYoung.

Let’s insert the biggest CNU bias I’ve ever known me to have.  EVER.  His hair, down… I can’t even…..  Just no…. And spikes…. My words apparently can become less coherent….

Baro, what is on your head? Also, I think I will be conferring ChunJi’s wink condition onto Baro, because he can’t seem to avoid that twitch in his eye.  I am unsure about the testosterone part though.  I believe it takes a little bit of time before the winks cause you to lose testosterone but if he keeps it up, Baro might be next

Also, the continuation of Harry Potter themes.  They had the Harry Potter glasses in “Beautiful Target” and “O.K.” and here Baro rocks the Harry Potter scar. Again, that twitch…

So, how was B1A4’s apology?  Do you forgive them?

B1A4 has a new, Beautiful Target

I love B1A4 and I love this song even more.  “Beautiful Target” is an amazingly catchy song that gets stuck in my head all the time.  First off I’ll mention the pseudo plot of this music video.  JinYoung is in his lab and makes a girl.  I’m sorry JinYoung sweetie, you’re gay, there is no way you made a girl intentionally.  See, you and GongChan are together.

More proof of JinYoung’s gayness is the fact that he touches the girl’s hand and a fire starts.  No one likes a liar, JinYoung.  Not even fire.

He looks scared

Highlights!  Firstly, my bias, CNU.  I love my CNU SO much and his hair in this music video is AWESOME!  Braids AND ponytails, yep, that’s lady wood for you.  Also, that jacket of his… If you have ever lost a button in your lifetime, and I mean EVER, CNU found it and put it on that jacket.  Lastly, cuteness in blowing up his hand.  I love you CNU!

That monkey hat/mask thing that JinYoung is wearing kinda creeps me out.  It looks like it’s eating his neck…

GongChan’s a dork.  Gotta love the dorks!  Rock the Harry Potter glasses, I approve.

Baro, OMG!  How does something so cute and squishy have that deep of a voice?  Where does the testosterone required to make that voice come from? Well, at least we know where all his testosterone goes.  Also, you are the ghetto-est fireman the world has ever seen.  He fights fire in shorts; I feel safer already.

That's the cutest derp I've ever seen

Have some cuteness of band members (JinYoung) eating each other.  Also, that wiggle dance is awesome.  The one with your hands over your head and you sway your hips, I love that dance.  These boys just made my day.

The actual dance to the song is pretty easy.  It’s during the “I like it like it” part.  It’s fun and cute and safe for car dancers so long as you DO remove your hands from the steering wheel.  If you don’t, you’ll end up all over the road and that’s no fun (for other drivers).  Happy dancing!

Has B1A4 painted a Beautiful Target for you?

It’s O.K. with B1A4!

B1A4’s debut song “O.K.” was amazing.  Catchy enough to run on replay in the back of your mind for days and weeks to come.  Newer, catchier songs have attacked me, and this one still crops up now and then. My only annoyance in this song is that doorbell.  Am I the only one who goes to check their door when it goes off?  My house doesn’t even have a doorbell and it STILL gets me every time.

Highlights are all just happy biases.  JinYoung is gorgeous and he lip bites.  Thanks!

Such a sweet unf

Love the Harry Potter glasses, Sandeul.  Anyone else notice them in their other MV?  Maybe this will be a recurring theme.  Now I gotta go check the second MV.

My absolute bias, CNU.  He’s hot, love him please.

Baro is so cute, but acts like such the bad ass, or tries to at least.  I just want to cuddle him and keep him as a pet.

I want those bracelets that Baro is wearing.  I could break someone with them.  By now you guys should know I’m at LEAST that kinky.  Haha, just kidding.  Excuse the derp face.

Sneeze in 3, 2, 1

I do hats, hard.  You guys should know this.  A nice hat on a good-looking guy is a disaster recipe for my ovaries waiting to happen.  Uniform hats or fedoras, even better.  I love you, Sandeul.  So much right now.  My ovaries may be in pain, but my soul is satisfied.

The dance is easy.  When they sing, “I love you ooooo” on the “ooo” part you point your finger back and forth.  This is safe to do in the car for both passenger and driver.  Thanks B1A4 for a dance everyone can enjoy!

Are you OK with B1A4?